Thursday, October 16, 2008

Luoping County

Luoping County is located in Qujing Prefecture, Yunnan, China.

The county of Luoping in eastern Yunnan are noted for its beautiful scenery in spring, when its fields of canola flowers are in full bloom, surrounding the area's mountains with a sea of golden flowers to spectacular effect.

Located near where Yunnan meets Guizhou and Guangxi, Luoping is about 240 kilometers east of Kunming. Not unlike the terraced fields of Yuanyang in southern Yunnan, Luoping's canola fields attract many photographers.

Luoping's golden beauty lasts until late June. During this high travel season for the county there are regular buses leaving from Kunming's bus stations on an almost hourly basis. Accomodations in Luoping range from cheap 10-yuan boarding houses to more expensive star-rated hotels.

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